Cozy Santa's Series Bundle (Set of 4)

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This product will be released at 31 May 2022

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  • 19.29"
  • Limited Big Nutcracker Special
Get all four items from the Cozy Santa´s Series at a special price in one bundle. Currently... more
Product information "Cozy Santa's Series Bundle (Set of 4)"

Get all four items from the Cozy Santa´s Series at a special price in one bundle. Currently only available exclusively in our webshop!

Our Cozy Woodland Santa Nutcracker loves nature and the wood. Inspired by mother nature, he shows itself as a spherical 18,5 inch masterpiece in the most beautiful Santa Claus manner. In his beautiful red suit with white fur trim, he is the eye-catcher for every collector. In one hand he holds a branch as a stick, which is crowned with a little bird. Over his back proudly holds his large green, natural-colored Christmas bag with all kinds of good gifts. At its feet is nature in the form of wood branches.

Our Chimney Santa climbs into the house through the chimney and fills the children's stockings with gifts. The perfect room decoration is not only a mistletoe in the house, but also our 17 inch "Chimney Santa" nutcracker with its large sack full of gifts - ready to climb into the chimney in front of him. He also has an integrated musical work, which plays the song: "Leise rieselt der Schnee".

Our Cozy Santa with music is a carbon copy of his role model from the North Pole and walks through the snow with his big golden stick. Lovingly hand-crafted, of every little detail was taken care of in the production: from the embroidered hat to the high-quality outfit to the bulging gift bag at his feet. The typical, dark red clothing is complemented by the golden details and fits perfectly with his white hair and beard. In the gift bag, which our Santa has worn through the snowy landscape, all kinds of presents for the children are hidden: In addition to a teddy, a ball, a doll and a candy cane, of course, the matching Christmas music, which comes from the built-in jukebox playing "12 days of christmas", can´t be missing. Simply perfect.

Our Cozy Silver Bell Santa is the fourth nutcracker in our Cozy Santa series. Inspired by the arctic season, he shows himself as Santa Claus in a splendid festive manner. Wrapped in the finest robes in a silver look with white fur trim, it is an eye-opener for every collector. He proudly carries his bells in one hand and in the other one he holds his big stick with small bells hanging down so that you can hear him coming when he walks through the deep snow. The bells are his trademark and easily audible for everyone within his reach. But this is not the only thing that distinguishes our 47 cm tall Cozy Silver Bell Santa - it also has an integrated musical mechanism that plays the song "Silver Bells".

Carefully handcrafted by Steinbach in Germany with great attention to detail.

Limited 2,000 pieces of each

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