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Dresdner Backhaus

Dresdner Christstollen® is an exquisite Christmas cake whose tradtion dates back tot he 15th Century.
The Dresdner Backhaus Christstollen® is handmade using an old Dresden family recipe handed down from generation to generation. Carefully hand selected ingredients guarantee ist superb quality and outstanding flavour. 

Interview Tino Gierig & Elisabeth Kreutzkamm-Aumüller 

Good products cannot be recognized by elaborate laboratory tests or an aggressive advertising campaign. Good quality cannot be recognized by a full-page advertisement or a colourful TV spot.

Good bread, good cake and good stollen can be recognized by good bread, good cake and good stollen.

How does one identify good bread, great cake or delicious stollen?

Good products are not identified through extensive lab tests or aggressive ad campaigns. Good quality cannot be shown through full-page advertisements or through colorful tv commercials.

Good bread, great cake or delicious stollen can be identified by good bread, great cake or delicious stollen.

It can be identified by the people who bake it, that have chosen the profession of baker or pastry chef with passion and perhaps have been exercising this profession over generations; by the local production, which includes the use of local ingredients, the alluring scent and the delicious taste. And yes, good bread, great cake or delicious stollen can be identified by its price. A price that allows paying skilled workers, who are equipped with qualitative artisanal skills and produce high-quality baked goods that are then sold with expertise. Good products can be distinguished by a price, that provides and secures jobs in the region.

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