Big NC Pilgrim

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  • SN17-BN-2005
  • 16.93"
  • Big Nutcracker
On the way to God ... - Pilgrims means to set out to a holy place, which promises a greater... more
Product information "Big NC Pilgrim"

On the way to God ... - Pilgrims means to set out to a holy place, which promises a greater closeness to God and describes a basic attitude of man, because as humans, we are always on the move, always on the lookout. In this sense, pilgrims are a religiously motivated journey. Our 17" tall Pilgrim Nutcracker wears his traditional pilgrim's garb with a black hat, pilgrim's staff and wide brown belt. Equipped with a basket of durable food, he is well prepared for his upcoming pilgrimage. Made in Germany with love and care by hand - by Steinbach!

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