NC The Nutcracker Bundle (Set of 3)

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  • SN21BN2046B
  • 18.90"
  • Exclusive Big Nutcracker
We are proud to present this unique set consisting of 3 of our favorite nutcrackers. First... more
Product information "NC The Nutcracker Bundle (Set of 3)"

We are proud to present this unique set consisting of 3 of our favorite nutcrackers.

First S853 NC The Nutcracker: In his classic design with a black hat, red vest with golden trim and white pants he poses quite a striking figure.

Secondly SN21BN2046 NC The Nutcracker: DARK BLUE EDITION: Hans-Peter (The Nutcracker) is Drosselmeyer's nephew. Before that, the mother of the Mouse King turned him into a wooden nutcracker doll. His uncle Drosselmeyer was looking for someone to help break the spell. Like its predecessor, this piece comes in a classy outfit. Only this time in a dark blue edition with silver decorations.

Thirdly SN21BN2047 NC The Nutcracker: METALLIC EDITION: The NC The Nutcracker Special comes in a noble metallic look. This gives it an inimitable shiny look. A unique product and brilliant color experience for every collector of the Nutcracker Suite and Steinbach products.


The best of handmade unique pieces from Germany - from Steinbach!



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