Troll White Santa

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  • S1497
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  • Troll
Today comes Santa Claus - white beard and red coat!?!?! Or rather white beard and white coat?!?!... more
Product information "Troll White Santa"

Today comes Santa Claus - white beard and red coat!?!?! Or rather white beard and white coat?!?! Why not! Our 10" tall Troll White Santa adapts just like a chameleon to the white snow desert of the Norpols. Almost completely wrapped in white, he is perfectly camouflaged to sneak quietly through the Erzgebirge. Only the red Santa hat betrays its identity and gives an idea of ​​who is actually strolling through the mountains. At the foot is also a big green Christmas bag with gifts, ready in the form of a boot. In his hand he carries a small green fir-tree. Handcrafted with love and care in detail - "Made by Steinbach"

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