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Smoker-Caravan Tandem axle
Smoker-Caravan Tandem axle
$199.00 *


The world's first smoking caravan


The perfect gift for camping enthusiasts.

Made in Dresden, Germany: The passionate camper Thomas Werker complements the great Saxon inventions with a highlight for all camping fans. Lovingly handcrafted smoke caravans made of different plywood thicknesses (birch wood) are the ideal gift for the camper community. Only sustainable natural woods are used. With its low weight of only 150g, this is an ideal companion for every atmosphere lover. Anyone who thinks that this is only for Christmas is wrong. You can smoke at any time of the year or at any time, and in summer you can also use it to keep mosquitos away.

Removing the remains of incense cones after they have been burned is also not a problem with the incense caravan, since the door with the device for the incense cone can be removed. So a clean affair!

Standard incense cones up to a maximum height of 27mm are the ideal smoking medium. We recommend using the incense candles from our cooperation partner KNOX for our smoker caravans, we have achieved the best results. In our shop you can get selected incense candles and accessories from KNOX, you are welcome to order them from us.


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