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Here you can find some treasures from the long history of the Steinbach company. Very old, very rare or very unique - this is how you can classify the pieces available in our brand new category. In addition to individual pieces we even have figures signed from the old company owner, Mr. Christian Steinbach, in our archive and put one of these treasures up for sale for you on special occasions.   You never want to miss any of our rarities? Register as a Steinbach Club member now and follow our Steinbach Club newsletter carefully. You will always be the first to know about exclusive sales events.   Register now and get access to our products from the Rare & Unique category.

You own a rare or unique Steinbach item or even a complete collection and have no further use for it? After an internal valuation, we offer you a guaranteed easy and worry-free repurchase.

We price your item(s) and take care of all details like shipping and payment. It would be a great pity if your Steinbach treasures weren't saved from the attic and their beauty remained hidden.