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The job of the ore miner has a long history in Germany. He became a cult symbol and is particularly popular during Christmas time. Celebrate this special job with our Ore Miner - Mini Cracker as a cute addition to your decoration. He wears a black coat and green hat with the well-known ore miner symbol on it. As a little extra he holds an axe in his hand, ready to start working!

A classic Santa Claus in miniature format. He wears his well-known red coat and is prepared for good and naughty kids. He holds twigs in his hand for all the kids that didn’t behave and a back full of gifts for everyone else. Celebrate a beautiful Christmas with our Santa Claus - Mini Cracker as a cute addition to your decoration.

Did you know that we Germans love our bread so much, that we have 300 different kinds of bread? This love for bread shares our Bread Baker - Mini Cracker as well. With his typical white coat and hat he is ready to make the tastiest bread. He even has a bread as taste sample in his hand for you. Celebrate this diverse pastry with our Bread Baker - Mini Cracker as a cute addition to your decoration.

The Mini Crackers are purely decorative and cannot crack nuts.

Handmade in Germany with great attention to detail.
-by Steinbach!




m | 3.54 inch


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