Handmade in Germany

Original Ore Mountains

Tradition, Passion & finest Materials

Steinbach Volkskunst

from Marienberg in Germany. For over 200 years we have maintained long-standing tradition, passion for detail, creativity and finest materials in our world-famous nutcrackers. We are proud to continue the traditional craft of Steinbach. All nutcrackers are handmade in Germany and are made with a mix of tradition, attention to detail and the finest materials.

The brand does have a new signature with a strong awareness for traditional values. The logo was modernised, packaging, brochures and catalogues got a new fancy design. New colours, shapes and fonts embellish the companys performance. Support for this digital makeover came from Mr. Pauls business partner Robert Liebich, who also carries the Ore Mountain gene. When he was a child, he loved to watch his dad assemble the hand-carved pyramid.

Meanwhile, the Steinbach Volkskunst GmbH became a family business again. Mr. Pauls and Mr. Liebichs children are designing their first Nutcracker line drawings and their dads both work at the production department every now and then and support them with their handicraft skills.

We want to bring the Ore Mountains magic into peoples homes all over the world.

~Mr. Paul and Mr. Liebich