Handmade in Germany

Every piece that we process in our factory is unique, because wood is a vivid material and each and every piece has its own history. We will continue this history. You can find the love for this handicraft and for our work in each of our nutcrackers. Each step, each detail and brush stroke is completed with diligence and devotion. The whole production process, starting with designing and sampling, until final production takes places in our factory in Marienberg. Just "Handmade in Germany”!

Purchase directly from the manufacturer

Fair prices

Since there is no reseller involved, you will not pay for their profit margin. Our supply chain is simply the shortest in the business, allowing us to offer unequalled prices. You won’t find an equal level of quality for these prices elsewhere.

Top quality

We only use selected European wood, which was dried for at least two years. In each of our nutcrackers there are different kinds of wood. Furthermore, we have both sales and production departments in one company, we’re able to detect and act quickly according to consumer demands. As soon as our sales department hears that different quality levels are required or that certain products would be better received if they would be adjusted in a way, we can act immediately. Communication lines are short and our organization is lean. This way, we are able to maintain a higher quality level than our competitors and are able to act very quickly upon consumer response. Next to that, we’re the ones responsible for the quality level of our products. We make use of our own high quality standards, instead of having to rely on external suppliers. The best way of making product quality a sure thing!

Secure Payment

You can pay 100% safely and reliably in our online store.

In addition to the security offered by our payment methods, we offer you additional protection when paying via our website. In the address line you can see from the lock symbol that we are establishing a secure connection to you via https - the so-called "Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure".

This type of internet connection significantly increases the security of your purchase.

Fast delivery

We normally pack and ship your order within 1 - 3 working days after receipt.

We ship our goods with our steady shipping providers UPS / FedEx directly from our factory in 09496 Marienberg, Germany. The time of delivery is usually 2 working days from pick up.

We will automatically notify you by email if there are any problems with processing.

No additional taxes and fees

When shipping internationally, taxes and fees are often payable. But not with us!

You only pay the shipping costs. You DON'T have to PAY any additional TAXES and FEES when your item is delivered. 100% tax free shopping!

Unique customization

We produce all the standard products from our catalogue, so why not produce custom products as well? We’ve got all the knowledge and facilities. Since we produce all, we can customize all as well!

High stock levels

A lot of competitors have to rely on external suppliers lead times, deliveries or have to cope with other buyer-supplier insecurities. We don’t! That means that stock levels are always where we want them to be: high enough to always provide you the shortest lead time.

Largest selection of Steinbach Nutcracker

Having the largest selection only makes sense if it complements each other. Up to a specialist to put together such an assortment. When you’re buying from the manufacturer, you’re actually buying from that specialist! Through our years of experience as a manufacturer and seller, we’ve put together a perfectly balanced and extensive assortment. Choose your favorite from up to 300 Steinbach nutcrackers. From big to small, from thick to thin. We have the right nutcracker for every taste and topic, guaranteed!